The Dog Walker and The Russian Girl

This summer, notes started appearing at the bottom of the Manhattan side of the Queensboro Bridge addressed to “Dogwalker,” and signed “The Russian Girl.” The narrative that unfolded in these notes, which appeared every couple of weeks, was about The Russian Girl’s love for The Dogwalker, and her fear that she may have inadvertently offended him somehow.  They have been noted on other blogs, and I seem to remember seeing one on the bridge that I haven’t seen online anywhere, but I assumed since I hadn’t seen one in over a month that their relationship had left the pavement for good. When I hit the Manhattan side of the bridge on Monday, there was a new one up, and it appears things have started to get weird between the Dogwalker and The Russian Girl.

Russian Girl

The full text of the note:

Yes I go to tomkins square park sometimes. Once I saw this stuff written in chalk there. It sounded like something you would say. I’m very sorry if I insulted you if you did the same thing it would just be normal, not insulting right? Let’s run away from our parents and get married. We don’t have to wait until we grow up. We can take Jack with us. You can get pregnant because you have fur on your stomach and I think the baby will like that. I like it. I’ll help the doctor take the baby out of your belly button. And we will make love. I love when you force me to kiss you. It’s so cute. Please be patient when we make love. It takes me longer to cum because of medicine I take. I love your spots. They are as beutiful as the stars in the sky night sky. Can I kiss them? I don’t want to be a prostitute or anything. I could spend all day with you every day and never get tired of you.

❤ The Russian Girl
(from the park)

I sincerely want to believe in this story, even as it’s passing into David Lynch territory, but something about this last note just doesn’t pass the smell test. I’m beginning to wonder if this is some kind of viral marketing. Still, if it is, why would they pick one of the least traveled bridges in the city to do it on? I’ll post any new notes I find on here, but I’m leaning toward hoax at this point. If you have any insight on this one, I’d love to hear from you.


3 responses to “The Dog Walker and The Russian Girl

  1. This is amazing. I want to believe we live in a world where people do things like this!

  2. I saw her once. Probably back in September or late August. This was before I stopped to read each and every note. I doubt this is a marketing thing… but who knows?

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