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In Defense of 2012 – The Best Worst Movie

One of my earliest memories of a palpable and completely irrational fear was camping with my father somewhere in Ontario, well before my 10th birthday. We had typically only taken family vacations to a cottage on Lake Michigan, which, while it was remote and seemed poorly protected as far as locks were concerned, at least had four standing walls and felt sturdy and protective, similar enough to my home to put me at ease. While I was camping, I began to consider the luxurious protections that a house afforded me in ways I had never before. Sure, I had always reasoned that the locks would keep criminals, zombies, and vampires out, but it also protected me from rabid raccoons, bears, falling tree trunks, and flash floods. Camping, I was totally exposed, and even my dad couldn’t adequately protect me from the runaway malevolence of nature.

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