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MF Doom(ed?), or: Crisis on Infinite Jerks

In last week’s New Yorker, Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote a profile of MF Doom.  Doom’s been missing in action lately, and I’ve definitely felt his conspicuous absence from the Hip Hop landscape, so I was eagerly anticipating this article, especially since MF Doom is notoriously reclusive and makes a habit of giving interviewers a hard time. I was hoping that Coates would be able to peel back some of Doom’s artifice, or at least take him to task for some of his more bizarre behavior. Unfortunately, the article is more sycophantic and navel gazing than informative. So, in the interest of telling a jilted fan’s side of the story, I decided to put together an alternate history of MF Doom. Read on. Continue reading