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Oneida, the Rated O Podcast


A few months ago, my friends Oneida released their 10th album, Rated O on the Jagjaguwar label. In honor of the album’s release, I produced a 30-minute podcast, featuring three songs off of the new album and an interview with Kid Millions and Showtime, respectively Oneida’s drummer and guitarist. The album has since been released to great acclaim, but I thought I would make the interview available as my inaugural post.



Oneida Rated O Podcast

(right-click and press “save target as” to save the podcast to your desktop)


1.) What’s up, Jackal?

2.) I Will Haunt You

3.) Saturday

I’m still working out streaming on the blog, which would make listening to things a lot more enjoyable and easy. Until that time, I’ll just make them available for download.

Edit: Streaming worked out.